How to bet on both teams to score market

How to bet on both teams to score market

The “both teams score” betting market means that every team involved in a soccer match will score at least one goal. This bet includes a variety of outcomes such as 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 2-1, 1-2, 3-2, and so forth. This gives us a high probability of success, especially if we know how to select the right match.

Usually, bookmakers name this market with the initials BTTS. This is the acronym for “Both Teams to Score,” which is the English name of this variety of bets. Obviously, this market has only two possible outcomes; the “Yes” or “No.”

BTTS applies to most matches, as even in those where there is an enormous level difference, the underdog team is likely to score.

Strategy to bet on BTTS

Next, we will mention some conditions that you must assess to bet in this market:

  • Search leagues with high-scoring averages:

Practically, in any league, you see many games in which both teams score. However, the leagues with the highest goal average per game are ideal for forecasting in this market.

  • Recent teams’ status in attack and defense:

It is important to review the teams’ recent status on both sides of the game. It is preferable to look for effective forwards and weak defenses. On the other hand, eventualities such as the absence of a striker or a star defender will influence the scoring chances of one or the other team. Therefore, it is important to know the teams’ current state.

 Likewise, you should bet on BTTS in matches like these:

  • Teams with similar performance levels and with great scoring capacity:

In these matches, it will always be probable that both teams will score goals since they will share the match’s dominance. Additionally, if both teams have a high-scoring capacity, we will have a high probability of success by betting on this market.

  • Matches where there is a clear favorite that usually concedes goals:

In these games, the openly favorite team will surely control the game and will generate many scoring chances. However, it will grant some clear opportunities to the rival.

  • Teams with clearly different performance levels but the underdog has an important objective in play:

As in the previous case, the teams involved will have different levels. The difference is that the underdog team has an important goal at stake. This can be avoiding relegation or reaching positions that give access to international competitions. These reasons usually generate peaks of performance that lead them to produce more scoring chances.


Betting on the BTTS market in a soccer match is an excellent choice most times. This is because it generally provides attractive odds. Furthermore, the number of possible favorable outcomes is high, which will increase our success chances.

Considering that most teams are better in attack than defense, or vice versa, it will be necessary to evaluate their recent performance in both aspects. It is also important to know what goals they have in mind and if they will play at home or away. Let’s not forget that many teams perform better on their court than away from it.

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