The 3 most popular soccer betting strategies

The 3 most popular soccer betting strategies

Soccer is the main sport in any bookmaker’s catalog. Sportsbooks offer a huge number of soccer leagues and tournaments around the world. The markets are also much more abundant in this discipline than in any other sport.

So, you will have many options to make your soccer predictions. However, if you don’t apply proper strategies, you may end up leaving the bookie to take all your money. In this sense, we bring you here, the most popular soccer betting strategies.

Finding value bets

Finding value bets is critical to long-term profit when sports betting. Of course, you won’t always win, but your success chances will be higher. When we talk about the value, we refer to those odds which represent opportunities for the bettor.

Therefore, to know if a bet has value, you must first estimate the event’s actual occurring probability linked with that odd.

This estimation must be made with the highest possible precision. So, you will need to investigate properly circumstances such as news, stats, teams’ recent form, players injured, and so on.

A bet will have value only if the probability estimated by us leads bigger than those indicated by the bookmakers’ odds.

A quick way to determine if an odd hides a value bet is to multiply this odd by the estimated probability. If the product is greater than 100, we will have a value bet.

Strategies focused on total goals (Over/Under)

Betting on total goals is a trendy option among soccer bettors. The main market for this type of forecast is the Over / Under, where we have several possibilities:

Over / Under 0.5

Over / Under 1.5

Over / Under 2.5 and so on.

The tactic is based on these premises:

* Analyze in detail both teams’ previous statistics. You should see the scoring recent form they bring to the match besides the goals average they score when facing each other.

* Know the strengths and weaknesses of each team both defensively and offensively.

* Take into account factors such as the weather during the match, injured players, the importance of each team’s next matches, etc.

* There are leagues whose teams have a greater offensive vocation; therefore, they usually will have opportunities to bet on “over.” On the contrary, some leagues have a defensive tendency, so they suitable for betting on “under.”

Strategies for betting on the draw

Betting on the draw in soccer is a very recurring option among bettors, as bookmakers often offer attractive odds. Besides, it is a result that occurs regularly in all soccer tournaments.

These tips should be followed to win when betting on draws.

* Select low-scoring teams: it is convenient to select matches in which teams involved usually receive and score few goals. This will increase the draw’s probabilities.

* When analyzing teams, we should watch if they have tied frequently in their recent matches. This includes assessing if they usually draw when they face a certain rival or if they draw when playing at home or away.

* Motivation: If the draw is useful for both teams’ objectives, or there are no special motivations, you should consider betting on the draw.

These are the main strategies soccer bettors use. From them, many other and more sophisticated strategies have been created. However, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced bettor, you never should forget these basic strategies and their principles.

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