Why Do Some Sportsbooks Restrict Betting Account?

Why Do Some Sportsbooks Restrict Betting Account?

Do you feel sportsbooks give total freedom to those who lose money but limit to those who win? This is the dynamics certain bookmakers follow. They control rigorously what type of clients play more.

For example, some bettors study statistical models to predict results, getting significant benefits. Frequently, bookies limit the amounts these bettors can bet or even block their accounts.

But why do bookies do that? Follow reading, and you will see why do some sportsbooks restrict betting accounts.

Gambling can become a lucrative activity if you do it professionally.

Legally operating betting sites have a terms and conditions section. They must respond to responsible gaming laws and detect users at risk there. Even they should act on it.

However, there are some unwritten restrictions, and, at some point, they close or restrict betting accounts.

Many bettors wonder: Why the bookie locked my account?

Sportsbooks can block a player’s account for serious breaches of company terms and conditions. So, before starting to bet, carefully read this section usually found at the bottom of the betting website.

Fixed matches

Most sportsbooks’ rules detail that they can block an account for participation in fixed matches. Then, if we do not want the bookie to block our account, we should not bet on events whose outcome we know in advance. In these cases, bookies freeze the account money balance, making it difficult to get a refund.

Safe bets or Sure bets

Sure bets allow bettors to win money regardless of the outcome of the match. They are quite popular among bettors who have accounts in different bookies to apply this. The bookmakers consider users can take advantage of this tactic. Thus, they share information and have systems to track players placing sure bets.

If you frequently try to place sure bets, bookies may block your accounts since they qualify this practice as fraud.

Using special programs or bots

The sportsbook could block a user’s account if it suspects they are using special scripts or bots that automate the betting process. In these cases, the bookmaker’s servers will block the bot’s IP address. So, if we do not want to see our blocked account, we must avoid using programs like these.


The reopening of a new account after being previously blocked or limited would violate the bookmaker’s terms and conditions. It would be grounds for blocking the account again, canceling all bets made from said account.


If the company suspects the player has committed fraud, it can block his account, and depending on the severity, the company could notify the authorities of this situation.

Among the behaviors considered fraudulent are:

  • Creation of accounts in the name of third parties,
  • Use of means of payment owned by third parties,
  • Use of other people’s documentation,
  • Sharing IP or devices with holders of other accounts,
  • Falsification of documents,
  • Take advantage of errors on the page, etc.


Given the rise or increase of successful tipsters, the number of winning users has also increased, making bookmakers increasingly resort to these types of restrictions.

Some houses allow the user to win, while others limit the long-term winning bets. In the most extreme cases, the account could be blocked or completely closed.

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